Hikmahanto: If it is Urgent, The Violence at Papua Must Be Overcome with Violence

Hikmahanto: If it is Urgent, The Violence at Papua Must Be Overcome with Violence

goodmorningpapua.com – Professor of International Law at the University of Indonesia (UI) Hikmahanto Juwana said that the government had implemented the Law of Terrorism at Papua. This refers to the government’s decision to assign the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) as a Terrorist Separatist Group (KST). Hikmahanto assessed that the implementation of the Law of Terrorism in Papua was correct.

“The exertion of violence by certain parties against the legal government in Papua has led to the use of violence toward to terrorism,” Hikmahanto told reporters, Friday (30/4/2021).

He explained that there are at least three categories of the use of violence in Papua. First, the category of using violence in the form of Armed Criminal Groups (KKB). The party like this uses violence, but there is no intention of the perpetrators to separate themselves from the Republic of Indonesia or promote the ideology of separatism.

Second, the use of violence for the sake of separating oneself from the Republic of Indonesia. This in the TNI Law, Hikmahanto mentioned, as the armed separatism. That is, the parties who use violence clearly have an ideology to separate themselves.

Third, the use of violence for the sake of making a terror state of affairs. In his view, Article 6 of the Terrorism Law clearly states that anyone who deliberately employs violence or threats of violence creates a state of affairs of terror or fear.

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“The core of Article 6 of the Law of Terrorism is the use of violence to make a state of affairs of terror. In the terms of targets for attacks, it could be anyone, not only military or government agencies but also innocent civilians,” he explained.

Furthermore, Hikmahanto said, for those undertaking terror attacks, the something important is to make a circumstance of terror, so that what the perpetrators prosecute will be easily fulfilled by the prosecuted  party,  in this case it is the government.

On the other hand, Hikmahanto also considered, the use of violence by certain parties occurring in Papua could not possibly be overcome by the government with affluence, but also the use of violence.

He believes that the world and the international community can very well understand if the government will implement the Law of Terrorism concerning with the use of violence by certain parties.

“The international community to understand that the use of violence by the government is not a justification for acting repressively in Papua,” he said.

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