Hendrikus a Child of Asmat Papua Elected to Take Military Academy Education in Magelang

goodmorningpapua.com – Hendrikus Sumaghai is an Asmat child in Jayapura Regency, Papua Province, who has succeeded in realizing his dream since childhood.

Hendrikus Sumaghai or commonly called Hendrik is one of eight Candidates of Cadets for Military Academy (Akmil) from Papua Province who have been declared to be graduated on July 29, 2021 to take education at Akmil Magelang.

According to the Dispen TNI records, Hendrik is currently participating in Basic Soldier Education (Diksarrit) at the Magelang Military Academy since August 1, 2021 with 449 other Candidates of Cadet for Military who come from all over the country and are planned to be inducted as Cadet Soldiers on October 28, 2021.

The first of three children, the child of Yoppy Baransano and Emerensina Genoveva, has desired to become a member of the TNI since he was young.

Mr. Yoppy is a newly appointed District Civil Servant (PNS) in Asmat Regency and so is Mrs. Emerensina working as a District Civil Servant in Asmat Regency.

The success of this Papuan native child to become a member of the TNI, especially the Akmil cadets, shows that anyone can achieve their goals as long as they fulfill all the requirements and pass all the tests carried out.

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Hendrik has been able to show that Asmat children who are in eastern Indonesia can also become Akmil cadets along with other best Indonesian sons.

Candidate of cadets Hendrikus Sumaghai is obvious evidence that with strong passion and determination anyone can succeed in devoting himself to being a member of the TNI.

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