Green Economy Village for the Welfare of the Land of Papua –The Jayapura Regency Government, Papua Province, has implemented a green economy village program to improve the welfare of indigenous peoples while preserving the environment in Papua.

The strategy to support this program is to increase the allocation of green economy village incentives of the village funds, as well as establish an Ecology-Based Financial Transfer (EFT) scheme through the Jayapura Regent’s Regulation. So far, there have been many benefits from the implementation of a green economy village.

Starting from the integration of green economy programs in the Village Medium Term Program Plan (RPJM), to the formation of Village Owned Enterprises (BUMKam) for managing agricultural and trade potential. Indigenous people’s family incomes have also increased through cocoa revitalization, agarwood nurseries, and the use of vanilla and coconut commodities.

All of these activities simultaneously preserve the forest and suppress deforestation. This indigenous community, based on green economy village program, also contributes to the development of Jayapura. Providing employment for young people and women, as well as increasing the productivity and income of farmers.

From the sale of dry cocoa, for example, it can generate 22 million rupiah per tone. And the income of vanilla farmers is 3.5 million rupiah per harvest.

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