Grand Launching of Peparnas XVI Papua, echoing Prayer for Athletes – A Provincial Government of Papua held a grand launching of Peparnas XVI in the courtyard of the Papua Governor’s Office, Tuesday night, November 2, 2021.

The grand launching was attended by an amount of officials from the Head of Bank Indonesia of Papua Representative Naek Tigor Sinaga, a Deputy Chief of the Papua Police Brigadier General Eko Rudi Sudarto, a President Director of PDAM Jayapura Entis Sutisna to a number of OPD leaders in the Papua Provincial Government.

Assistant II for the Economy and Welfare of the Regional Secretariat of the Papua Province, Muhammad Musaad in his speech invited all parties to pray for the athletes of Peperanas XVI to stay healthy.

For him, athletes are the key to the success of Peparnas XVI and Covid-19 can disappear from Papua. “PON and Peparnas are like brother and sister, so if PON XX got successful, let’s also make Peparnas a success,” said Musaad as quoted from the press release of the Papua Police.

Musaad hopes that all parties can comply with the health protocols, so that they can conduct the National Tournament in a safe and smooth manner. “Papua at present is a Papua that is different from Papua in the past and we have proven one of them with the successful implementation of PON XX,” he said.

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A Head of Bank Indonesia Papua Representative, Naek Tigor Sinaga expressed his pride because Papua has successfully implemented XX PON, including success in the economic field.

“Our PON assisted the community’s economy by organizing a Coffee Festival with an income of more than Rp700 million. It is hoped that we will hold it and ask for assistance from all parties, “said Tigor.

Wakapolda Papua Brigadier General Eko Rudi Sudarto invites all parties to make Peparnas XVI a success, so that it can rise to the first rank in organizing a national event.

“We have succeeded in PON XX and we are at number 3 in the implementation, therefore let’s make Peparnas a success too, hopefully we will be in first place,” he said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chair II of PB Peparnas XVI Papua, Hans Y. Hamadi expressed his gratitude to sponsors who have assisted in organizing Peparnas XVI and the Papuan Police who have maintained the situation conducive.

The opening of Peparnas XVI Papua will be colored by the light of victory coming from 500 drones flown simultaneously in the sky of Jayapura City, on November 5, 2021.

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