Gowes 506 Km, Raising Funds for the sake of Decent Education in Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – Hadi Tombro fully supports the creation of proper education in Papua. However, the way he does it is quite unique, namely by cycling [Gowes] around the city as far as 506 kilometers.

The man from Sidoarjo has a strong determination to achieve his goal. He is concerned about the condition of education in the Papua region.

A number of educational facilities and resources in eastern Indonesia are certainly far from feasible.

“It’s very far when compared to East Java or Jakarta,” he said.

On the other hand, the private employee has a penchant for cycling or Gowes. He was also inspired to combine the interests of education and Gowes. So that’s the idea arose to raise fund for education of Papuan children. Its way is Gowes.

The Gowes is also not arbitrary. He was determined to take a distance of 506 kilometers in 24 hours.

He departed from a cafe on Jalan Monginsidi, Sidoarjo, Tuesday (28/12) night. He will cross 8 districts and cities in East Java, namely, Sidoarjo, Madiun, Magetan, Ponorogo, Tulungagung, Kandangan District, Batu, and back to Sidoarjo. The public can also directly monitor Hadi Tombro’s position by watching the GPS installed on his bicycle.

Hadi emphasized that the action was indeed a form of sympathy for the world of education. In particular, equal distribution of education in the Papua region.

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As a region in eastern Indonesia, the Papuan people have not yet fully received a proper education. Therefore, with the sustainable support, it is hoped that it will help create proper education in Papua.

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