Governor’s Regulation [Pergub] on Determination of Tariffs for West Papua Hospital Services still Discussed – The West Papua Provincial Government is still processing the Governor’s Regulation (Pergub) regarding the tariff for public health services at the West Papua Regional General Hospital (RSUD).

The stipulation of service rates follows the change of the West Papua Regional Hospital from the Service Technical Implementation Unit (UPTD) to the Regional Public Service Agency (BLUD) as of December 31, 2021.

“The governor’s regulation regarding the stipulation of tariff fees for all activities that run at the West Papua Regional Hospital is still in process,” said Head of the Legal Bureau of the West Papua Provincial Government, Roberth K R Hammar, to reporters, Thursday, January 13, 2022.

Roberth said that the West Papua Provincial Hospital is currently unable to charge health services because it does not yet have a standard of charge. Whereas, he continued, the West Papua Hospital had become a BLUD since January 2022.

“If using general standards, it is able to, not for BLUD standards. The tariff setting is currently in the process, namely the standard of charge is the same as for other type C RSUs,” said the former Deputy Regent of Manokwari.

He hopes that the determination of service tariffs can be immediately implemented by the end of January 2022 in accordance with the West Papua Governor Regulation. “If the West Papua Regional Hospital has become a BLUD, the Provincial RSU is free to regulate finances, including hiring medical personnel,” said Roberth.

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