Government Collaborates with ITS to Build Transportation Mode in Papua – The Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos) cooperates with the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya to build ships and transportation mode in the form of electric motorcycles for people in remote areas in Papua Province. This commitment is in accordance with the demands and needs of local communities.

Social Minister Tri Rismaharini, who was met at the ITS campus, Monday (9/8), said Papuan leaders and residents from the regencies of Mamberamo, Tolikara, Puncak and Yahukimo asked him to make a ship to facilitate transportation and accessibility. So he also cooperated with ITS to fulfill the residents’ requests.

“I think,  buying it doesn’t move Papuans to be able to learn. Finally I communicated with the Rector of the University of Cendrawasih (Uncen), they will teach residents to build ships. The ITS lecturers are assisted because the basis of their knowledge is shipping,” he said, Monday ( 9/8).

The former mayor of Surabaya is targeting this ship to be launched on August 17, and then training to make ships will be carried out. In addition, she said, residents of Yahukimo said that the only transportation available in their area was plane, which took one hour, while walking  could take three days.

The Minister of Social Affairs has also conveyed to Rector of ITS,  Prof. Mohammad Ashari to make the solar cells for electric motorcycle charging stations. Later, Risma continued, the “Gesits” electric motorcycle will also be modified so that it can transport goods which are expected to help in resolving transportation problems in Papua.

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“Earlier, I told the Rector how to make a charging station for charging electric motorcycles to assist people on the mountain. The Rector said it was easy,” he said.

Meanwhile, a Vice Rector IV of ITS, Bambang Pramujati, said that his party had experience in making boats and electric motors, so it would not be difficult to do what Social Minister Risma wanted. “Inshaallah. We are used to working fast so we can meet the target of the Social Minister,” he said.

His party will soon send a team of electric motorcycles and boats to Papua to provide training for the community. “The Minister of Social Affairs asked for three ships. ITS was also asked to build Uncen and utilize the power in Papua. We are ready for the design that can be used. Inshaallah, the material will be sent to Papua in the near future,” he said.

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