Good News, Serui Hospital Currently Posseses a Blood Bank – The Serui Regional General Hospital (RSUD) now posseses a blood bank that can be used to store blood donation results for patient needs.

A Director of Serui Hospital, Doctor Jhonny Abba told that his party had two refrigerators or storage areas for blood supplies. However, he continued, only one was activated, because the electric power was not sufficient.

“There are currently 2 blood storages or blood refrigerators, only one is operated, because the electric power is still enough, but the availability of blood is at the hospital,” said Jhonny, Wednesday, January 12, 2022.

He admitted that there are still a lot of obstacles in providing blood for patients. One of them is the quality of blood donors causing the availability of blood in Serui Hospital is often lacking.

“Those who want to donate a lot of blood, we just have to make sure the donors must be in really good and healthy condition, that’s what makes it seems that we are empty for blood availability, even though there are many, but we have to make sure,” explained Jhonny.

Serui Hospital noted that pregnant women and the vulnarable elderly ones need the most blood. Jhonny also invited residents who want to live a healthy life by donating blood to Serui Hospital.

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