Good News, Manokwari Has a Taruna Senior High School for National Level – The people of Manokwari, West Papua can be proud of themselves because they have a model Senior High School (SMA) at the National level. This excellent high school is led by Brigadier General Yusuf Ragainaga, Kapoksahli Pangdam XVIII/Kasuari who has been appointed as a Task Executor of the Head of Taruna Kasuari Nusantara High School. This school has 74 students with 20 educators or teachers. Yusuf Ragainaga said, this excellent high school is an initiative of the West Papua Provincial Government and related stakeholders who are moving quickly to make improvements so that the school can operate in 2021.

“At the beginning of July 2021, the Governor of West Papua had sent a letter of request to the XVIII/Kasuari Military Command to be involved in the character building for the student of Taruna High School of Kasuari.  And then Pangdam XVIII/Kasuari Major General I Nyoman Cantiasa appointed me as the Task Executor of the Head of Taruna Kasuari High School and today we can meet,” Yusuf told reporters at the Manokwari Forestry BLK, Friday 30 July 2021.

Yusuf explained that Taruna Senior High School of Kasuari is almost the same as Senior High School of Taruna Nusantara, among which graduates from this school can continue their careers to the TNI, Polri or in any other institution. The reason is because the graduates have good qualifications, abilities and character.

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“The advantage I see here is the MoU with a school that is generally recognized nationally, namely Senior High School of Taruna Nusantara, located in Magelang, which excels in the concept of thinking and is very good,” said Yusuf.

He also asked all trainers and coaches to help in the orientation period for students which will be held for 3 months.

Meanwhile, the Head of the West Papua Provincial Education Office, Barnabas Dowansiba, believes that the presence of teachers, trainers and coaches can change Papuan children to be more excellence than others.

“We will bring the children in this high school that are different from other high schools and this must be remembered carefully. In the beginning, we have to form a character who will be ready in terms of defending the country,” he said.

Previously, continued Barnabas, the students would experience an orientation or introduction to the school involving personnel from the XVIII/Kasuari Military Command. In addition to the high school curriculum, there are two additional curricula, namely defending the country and local culture.

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