GKI Getsemani Kotaraja Clean Up Waste at Holtekamp Beach

goodmorningpapua.com – In celebration of the 65th anniversary of the GKI in Papua, the conggregation of GKI Getsemani Kotaraja held an action to clean up trash at Holtekamp Beach, Saturday, October 30, 2021.

The action held for JPIC Affairs (Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation) together with the HHBG Committee (Ecclesiastical Holidays) was supported by the Jayapura City Environment and Hygiene Service and the Papua Province Forestry and Environment Service.

The committee chose Holtekamp Beach because it is one of the tourism destinations in Jayapura City visited by many residents.

A total of 30 plastic waste bags were collected in the action started at 07.00 WIT-100.00 WIT by around 70 members of the congregation from all elements of PAR, PAM, PW, PKB spread over five WYK.

According to the Coordinator of JPIC Affairs for the Getsemani Kotaraja Congregational Council, Henderina J Keiluhu, environmental hygiene is one of the Port Numbay GKI Klasis JPIC work programs adopted by the Getsemani Kotaraja JPIC affairs.

“The environmental cleaning-up program is a Port Numbay Classical JPIC program, we JPIC Affairs at the Getsemani Kotaraja GKI Congregation adopted this program. Actually there are many activities, but we chose to clean Holtekam Beach because this beach is widely used by the community, if it is dirty, it is certainly not pleasant for beach users,” she explained.

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Henny said that the cleanliness of the environment, including the beach, is the responsibility of all residents of Jayapura City, so it is hoped that the awareness of all residents to keep the environment clean by not throwing garbage anywhere.

”If we ourselves and at home are accustomed to clean and realize not to throw garbage anywhere, then it can be done outside the home, so that everyone can have self-awareness of maintaining a clean environment,” she explained.

Henny is grateful for the support of the Jayapura City Environment and Hygiene Service and the Papua Province Environment and Forestry Service for this activity through the assistance of equipment and funds.

“Praise God for the support from the Jayapura City Environment and Hygiene Service and the Papua Province Forestry and Environment Service in the form of assistance with garbage bags, equipment and funds to finance activities,” she explained.

The collected waste is then sorted, plastic bottles are taken to the waste recycling place in Entrop behind the Jayapura Mayor’s Office, the other waste such as dry leaves and pieces of wood are taken to the TPA (Final Disposal Site) in Nafri by a garbage truck prepared Jayapura City Environment and Hygiene Service.

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