Giri Wijayanto: A Deputy Regent of Jayapura, the Orchid Lover, who Likes Workshop – The fuller, the more bent. The philosophy of rice teaches people not to be arrogant with what they have.

This philosophy is also appropriate to describe a figure of Giri Wijayanto, the Deputy Regent of Jayapura Regency. For almost two periods, Giri Wijayanto, who is familiarly called Pak Giri, has accompanied the Regent Mathius Awoitauw to advance development in Jayapura Regency.

Behind his high dedication, not many know that he is a lover of orchids. Currently, he is cultivating orchids, mostly from Jayapura Regency. He spends most of his daily life with the types of flowers sought after by collectors in Indonesia and abroad.

Giri admitted that he could no longer be different from the beauty of the orchids from Papua. This is why hundreds of collections of various types of orchids are displayed on a special shelf in his yard in Sentani City, Jayapura Regency. The orchids of Grammatophyllum scriptum, Grammatophyllum speciosum, Besi and Papua are in his collection. Hundreds of orchids look neatly lined and always get special attention from him.

It was seen that a number of deer horn spikes belonging to the Platycerium genus were also intentionally hung in front of his yard and machine shop. For him, orchids can provide an example to humans that humans must protect and share each other to create beauty in everyday life.

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On the other hand, the man who was born in Wamena 56 years ago also often spends his time in his machine shop. He is also skilled for operating several machines such as paper cutting machines and presses, besides creating some simple new innovations.

Giri admits that he is not insecure about what he is doing because according to him the position he is currently holding is a test, so he doesn’t have to be proud of himself.

The figure of Giri Wijayanto according to his employees is very kind and humble. For a number of employees in his workshop, Giri is a person who easily mingles with anyone and inspires anyone. The position he currently holds is an obligation, but more than that, a homely life is a key for true happiness.

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