Getting Viral, A Foreign Pilot Has Angry Using Indonesian in Papua – A video showing an angry stranger pilot has gone viral on social media. The stranger seemed fluent in Indonesian and expressed a disappointed sentence that sounded interesting. The reason for the foreign pilot’s anger cannot be ascertained.

However, from what he said, it seemed that he was annoyed because there was an action to close the field which endangered many parties. “What if you die? What if the plane breaks down? I have known people here for a long time, we are very happy,” he said at the beginning of the sentence, through a video shared by the TikTok account @sebastianmnofri1.

Then, the foreign pilot said that yesterday’s incident was very dangerous. However, he did not explain in detail what the Papuans were doing. In the next sentence, he explained about the closing of the field which was allegedly the reason he was angry.

“If you want to close the field, just tell me. Open the radio. Bring stones or wood here. We can’t see, we don’t know you want to close the field,” he said.

Because of this action, the pilot said that he would no longer come to the village in Papua. “Ouch, it’s so dangerous. I’m so angry. I will not come back here anymore . Okay?,” he said.

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After his anger got finished, the pilot then invited the passengers to get on the plane to leave immediately. It was probably the last time he would take a plane to that location. “Okay, passengers can board now,” he said.

It is not known for sure the name of the angry stranger pilot in Indonesian. It is also not known when exactly this incident occurred. The video has been viewed more than 2 million times on TikTok since it was shared on Sunday (1/23/22).

Most netizens praised the pilot’s way of rebuking local residents. “His anger is very intellectual. This is how to solve the real problem, no need to snap,” a commented one netizen.

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