Getting to Know the Local Heroes in Aceh-Papua Through an Indonesia’s Digital House – Indonesia has been an independent nation for 76 years. The independence of this nation is the result of the struggle of the heroes willing to fight against the invaders. If in the past the heroes fought against colonialism for the independence of this nation, now there are many heroes fighting for a society in order to free from ignorance, health problems, damage to nature, to freedom from poverty. The heroes are common people, but their services are extraordinary for regions in Indonesia. They are heroes for their local people.

In Aceh, for example, there is Nurjanah Husien, a woman who founded the Blood Foundation for Aceh. Nurjanah is restless to see that many thalassemia sufferers in Aceh have established a foundation to help them obtain blood and medical expenses. Turning to East Java, there was Muhammad Rasid who turned a dark settlement in Andung Village, Tiris District, Probolinggo, into a bright light. With a capital of Rp 3.5 million from his personal savings, Rasid experimented with creating electrical energy through the “Lang Baling” waterwheel.

Then, West Nusa Tenggara has the figure of Ellena Rahmawati struggling to distribute clean water to all villages in East Lombok. When she saw that the people of East Lombok had to queue and even walked for days to have clean water, Ellena initiated the Yayasan Masyarakat Peduli  to setup water pipes throughout the village there.

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Then, in Papua there was Maximus Tipagau who founded the Somatua Foundation. Through the foundation, Maximus created a ‘flying doctor’ program by bringing doctors to Intan Jaya who had many cases of malnutrition. In addition, the Somatua Foundation has a local Papuan community development program.

Papua also has the figure of Yulita Yeimo empowering women’s economy in Wosi Village, West Manokwari District, West Papua, through the production of Papuan handicrafts. They knit Noken (a multifunctional bag identical to Papua), especially Noken made from Ganemo yarn. Empowerment by Yulita has increased the income of women in Wosi Village. Apart from them, there are still many heroes who have done extraordinary things in 34 provinces in Indonesia. The amazing stroies and services they do as the ‘Face of Indonesia’ can be listened to at Rumah Digital Indonesia (RDI).

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