Getting to Know the Character of Arabica Typica Coffee from the Bintang Mountains of Papua – Coffee from Papua is one of the most sought commodities. One of areas in Papua producing the quality coffee is the Bintang Mountains Regency. Most of this district is in the form of mountains or highlands directly adjacent to Papua New Guinea.

Most of the residents of the Bintang Mountains Regency live on steep mountain slopes and valleys. They are scattered and isolated. An archaeological researcher of the National Research and Innovation Agency, Hari Suroto, said that access to the Bintang Mountains Regency could only be by air.

“Thus, air transportation really determines the lives of local people,” Hari told Tempo, Saturday, January 15, 2022. Commercial airlines serving routes to and from the Bintang Mountains Regency are Trigana Air, Wings Air, Enggang Air, Susi Air, SAS. , Smart Air, Dimonim Water.

Each airline uses a different type of aircraft. Trigana Air and Wings Air serve passengers on ATR type aircraft. Meanwhile, charter services or pioneer flights using small-bodied aircraft of the type Twin Otter, Cessna, Pilatus, Cassa. Airlines using this type of aircraft are Enggang Air, Susi Air, SAS, Smart Air, Dimonim Air. There is also an AMA plane for community service

Commercial flights with ATR aircraft is carried out through Oksibil Airport located in the capital city of the Bintang Mountains Regency. As for inter-district flights, it is using Twin Otter aircraft. Air traffic depends on weather conditions which are often foggy and the security situation of the local district.

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The Bintang Mountains Regency is known as the best Arabica coffee producer in the mountains of Papua. “This coffee is grown organically by relying on the goodness of nature,” said Hari Suroto. The character of the coffee taste from the Bintang Mountains Regency is berry, orange, peach or apricot.

Arabica typica coffee trees are generally larger with fewer fruits. Typica is the oldest Arabica coffee variety. This arabica typica coffee tree is grown organically in Okbibab District, Okbab District, and Kiwirok District at an altitude of about 1900 to 2000 meters above sea level. Cold temperatures around 15 degrees Celsius, fertile soil, and less fruit make Arabica typica coffee beans even more delicious.

Arabica typica coffee in the Bintang Mountains Regency is grown in organic gardens. “Coffee berries are peeled by hand to produce optimal quality,” he said. The arabica coffee of the Bintang Mountains Regency was sent to Sentani, Jayapura, using a small plane. Currently, according to Hari, the supply of arabica coffee from the Bintang Mountains Regency in Jayapura City is running low due to a lack of supply. The reason is that pioneer airlines do not dare to serve routes to the interior of the Bintang Mountains Regency because they are still waiting for a conducive security situation, so that pioneer flights are safe to land.

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