Gabriella Meilani, a Health Worker Gets Assasined on the Bintang Mountains, Papua – The Armed Terrorist Separatist Group, the Free Papua Organization, striked again. On September 14, 2021 yesterday, the KKB group led by Lamek Taplo had been engaged in battle with security forces and attacked civilians, including a health workers who were serving the community.

They burned a number of public facilities, such as a health center, an elementary school building and the cash office of the Papua Regional Development Bank (BPD) as well as the houses of people in Kiriwok and Okhika. In this bloody incident, a health worker named Gabreilla Meilani, who worked at the Kiwirok Health Center, was assasined  in the brutal attack.

Four other medical personnel were seriously injured and one other medical personnel named Gabriel Sokoy is still unknown. Gabriel was reported missing during the attack. The security forces are still looking for Gabriel Sokoy’s whereabouts.

According to MNC Portal Indonesia’s search, Gabriella Meilani was born in Besum, Nimboran District, Jayapura Regency, Papua on May 31, 1999. Ella is a blended girl of Toraja and Java who is the only daughter of two siblings, from he couple Musidi and Martina Rinding.

Born and raised in Besum, Nimboran, Jayapura, Ella started her schooling at SD Inpres Besum. After graduating from elementary school, Ella continued her education at SMP Negeri 2 Besum, and then attended Taruna Bhakti High School, Waena, Jayapura. Her desire to be able to help the others encouraged Ella to study at STIKES Jayapura, Papua.

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Shortly after graduating, a fate lead Ella to work and serve at the Kiriwok Health Center, Gunung Bintang Regency, Papua. Unfortunately, recently, the Separatist Group of  Free Papuan Terrorist Organization  carried out an assault by attacking and burning a number of service facilities, including the puskesmas, which made Ella and her colleagues try to save themselves.

It’s heartbreaking when we try to think for a moment what the situation Ella and everyone else faced, when the ruthless event happened. It seems that there is no love and compassion there. The blind assault and the sound of gunshots that return to each other caused pitiful victims. Instead of surviving, at the very young age of 22, Ella indeed became a victim and left deep sorrow for his parents, siblings and families.

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