Forest Management Institutional Innovation in Papua – It is believed that Papua’s virgin forests will provide many benefits to support the economic sector of the community, who live and work on the land of Papua that we all love.

Therefore, the Partnership established the Forest Governance Program (FPG) to strengthen forest management institutions in Tanah Papua.

 This is useful to provide legal certainty for local and customary communities in preserving forests and developing natural potential. This program aims to reduce deforestation and facilitate access to resources for indigenous and local communities.

 The Partnership carries out various collaborations in this program. Some of them are collaborating with the Limited Association for the Assessment and Empowerment of Indigenous Peoples (PT PPMA) regarding mapping and recognition of customary areas.

 After the indigenous peoples received legal certainty over their territories, the Partnership then carried out capacity building. Not only that, this institution that focuses on reforming governance also increases the capacity of the Kamuki Community Foundation so that it can provide assistance to indigenous peoples.

The Partnership also seeks to bridge collaboration between local governments and indigenous peoples. Until the formation of six Village Forests in the Kokas and Kramomongga sub-districts was achieved. In addition, the Partnership also played a role in encouraging the issuance of the Jayapura Regent’s Decree No. 319/2014 concerning the Recognition and Protection of Indigenous Law Communities in Jayapura Regency.

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Even the Ministry of Environment and Forestry continues to seek and request to restore the function of forests in each region, with the aim of how the existing forests provide welfare to the people who also participate in preserving the environment.

Thus, he hopes that this program can also be fully supported by all people on the earth of Cenderawasih.

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