Five Regions in West Papua Receive WTP Opinions from BPK –  Five regencies/cities in West Papua received Unqualified Opinions (WTP) from the Supreme Audit Agency of the Republic of Indonesia (BPK-RI) of Representative of West Papua Province.

This opinion is given based on the Regional Government Financial Report (LKPD) for the fiscal year of 2020. The five regencies in question are Sorong City, Teluk Bintuni Regency, Maybrat, South Sorong and South Manokwari.

Head of BPK RI of Representative of West Papua Province, Arjuna Sakir said, these five regional heads received Unqualified Opinions or (WTP) based on a number of considerations and assessments from auditors in a transparent and accountable manner.

“BPK’s considerations as a team of state auditors are compliance with government accounting standards (SAP), adequacy of disclosure, compliance with laws and regulations and the effectiveness of the internal control system,” said Arjuna in his remarks on the submission of LHP at the BPK RI Auditorium in West Papua.

BPK RI of West Papua has carried out all inspection procedures on LKPD for the fiscal year of 2020, despite restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. “We conclude that opinions on LKPD South Manokwari, Teluk Bintuni, Maybrat, South Sorong and Sorong City are unqualified,” he explained.

Of the five regions, there are two regencies that have won 8 WTP opinions, namely Teluk Bintuni and South Sorong, while Maybrat Regency has won 6 WTPs and South Manokwari Regency and Sorong City have only won WTP twice.

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“We hope that the Regency Government receiving the opinion of the WTP can maintain it, and even improve it. Meanwhile, regions that have only continued to improve twice for next year will receive the same opinion, “hoped Arjuna.

The Regent of Teluk Bintuni, Petrus Kasihiw, representing the representative of the regional head, said that the LHP on LKPD was very influential on the assessment of the community as the main user of the results of the BPK audit.

Because, in his opinion the results of the BPK audit guarantee the principle of public information transparency, the public can find out the achievements of implementing of the government’s mandate and become a tool for assessing the financial performance of local governments.

“The assessment of the BPK LHP is an important thing for local governments as a performance accountability, especially to the community,” he said. 

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