Fauna in Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – Indonesia has three groups of fauna, namely Asiatic fauna, transitional fauna, and Australis fauna. The fauna of Papua Island  includes in the Australis fauna group. The type of animal has similarities with animals on the Australian continent. Reported from the book Geography kara L. Iskandar, the types of fauna in Papua include the following: birds of paradise, king cockatoo, double wattle cassowary, parrots, seleropages fish, ceratodus fish, and small kangaroos.

1. Bird of Paradise (Cenderawasih)

Cenderawasih birds or Paradisaeidae are birds whose habitat is scattered in Eastern Indonesia. Birds with very beautiful colors have 42 species of which 30 are in Indonesia.

Several types of birds of paradise that can be found in Eastern Indonesia are the Cenderawasih of Halmahera nymph, the Cenderawasih of crow, the cenderawasih of astrapia arfak, and Cenderawasih of the long-tailed paradigalla.

2. King Cockatoo

The king cockatoo (Probosciger aterrimus) also known as the great black cockatoo is one of the birds originating from Papua and Australia. This type of cockatoo has a very large black beak with red stripes on its cheeks that looks very prominent.

3.  Cassowary with double wattle

 The double wattle cassowary is one of two genera of birds in the family Casuariidae. The distribution area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis bird is tropical forests and mountains in Papua. Cassowary has horns on its head that can help it walk in its habitat in the form of dense forests.

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4. Nuri Kabare

The Cabare Parrot (Psittrichas fulgidus) is a an endemic bird of  Papua. The bird of Nuri Kabare has a large body with a length of up to 50 cm and a weight of up to 800 grams. This aves class fauna has a fierce physical appearance. Its thin feathers around its head with a jet black color make it look like an eagle.

5. Papuan Kangaroo

Papua has marsupials mammals, namely the Papuan Kangaroo. Papua has two species of ground kangaroo, namely Thylogale brunii and Thylogale stigmata. The Kangaroo habitat in Papua is more complex because it can be found in coastal areas, lowland forests, to the peak of Jayawijaya.

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