Exports and Imports in Papua Get Increasing

goodmorningpapua.com-The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) of Papua Province noted that there was an increase in exports and imports occurring on May 2021, although exports toward the six main countries were getting decrease.

Exports increased by US$337.23 million or an increase of 7.25 percent compared to the previous month which was valued at US$314.42 million. Meanwhile, imports were recorded at US$30.95 million, an increase of 40.88 percent compared to last April which was only US$21.97 million.

Head of the Central Statistics Agency, Adriana Helena Carolina, said that in terms of type,  Papua’s exports  Papua this month were only non-oil and gas exports being worth US$337.23 million.

Then exports toward the six main countries in May 2021 were recorded at US$195.11 million, a decrease of 14.44 percent compared to April 2021 which was valued at US$228.04 million. The six main countries are, Spain, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, India and China.

Meanwhile, Papua’s imports on May 2021 were recorded at US$ 30.95 million in the form of oil and gas imports being worth US$ 16.17 million and non-oil and gas imports being worth US$ 14.77 million.

The increase in Papuan imports was influenced by oil and gas imports which increased by 119.22 percent (up US$ 8.8 million) and non-oil and gas imports which increased 1.26 percent (up US$ 0.18 million).

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“Non-oil and gas commodities that have the largest import value come from the category of goods made of iron and steel (HS73) which has a value of US$4.45 million or 30.1 percent of the total import value of non-oil and gas commodities,” he explained.

Papua’s trade balance on May 2021 also got a surplus of US$306.28 million. The surplus occurs because of the value of exports is greater than imports.

The export value of Papua on May 2021 was recorded at US$337.23 million, while the import value of Papua on May 2021 was US$30.95 million.

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