Erny R Tania, an Official who Likes to Share from Yapen Archipelago – We do not love what we do not know. This proverb matchs perfectly with Erny R. Tania, one of the officials in the Yapen Islands Regency Government.

The figure of Erny R. Tania is quite well known to the public. Apart from being the Assistant I of the Yapen Islands Regional Secretariat, Erny is also active in the Let’s Share Community (KMB), so she is no longer a stranger.

Erny is known as a friendly person, smiling and likes to share. This personality is often shown when addressing subordinates or employees, to the public and even health workers who are fighting against Covid-19.

As at the end of July 2021, Erny R. Tania gave a surprise to health workers who had a birthday. The surprise was given to encourage health workers who are struggling to treat Covid-19 patients.

The surprise this time, Erny R. Tania helped Yusmina Korwa, one of the residents in Ambaidiru Village. Erni Tania provided assistance in the form of kiosk goods to help in relieving the economy of Yusmina’s family.

Erny R. Tania said that the assistance provided was personal and without any conditions for business actors. Although it is not large, it is hoped that the assistance will be useful for Yusmina’s family.

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“As long as the intention is to grow, I will still help, not big and not too much, but for me we must be able to be useful for others,” said Erny R. Tania to, Saturday, October 9, 2021.

Currently, there are two basic food stall businesses in the isolated villages that are running thanks to Erny R. Tania’s assistance. She hopes that her assistance can help improve their family’s economy.

“We don’t expect more and don’t ask them to give more. I am also happy that they can and are willing to do something like this,” said Erny R. Tania after providing the assistance.

Yusmina Korwa admitted that she was very happy with the help she received. In fact, she and her husband did not forget to continue to express thanks for the blessing.

“I don’t know what made mother Erny mother to help me. My husband and I conveyed our intentions, then she (Erny) helped and gave the trust to open this kiosk. She  helped personally and really helped me and my family’s economy,” said Yusmina.

The food stall that Yusmina Korwa started has been running for 3 months. Usually some of the goods filling the kiosk are delivered directly to Ambadiru without making it difficult for Yusmina to go down to the city and shop for goods.

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