Epo Urbinas: an Event as Great as PON XX of Papua, Papuan Hip-Hop Musicians Are Not Engaged In

goodmorningpapua.com – Ahead of the PON XX performance at Papua, the Grand Committee (PB) has not yet looked at Papuan Hip-Hop musicians to participate in enlivening the biggest event in Papua.

A Papuan musician of Hip-Hop, Onesias Urbinas (Epo Dfenomeno) said, for Hip-Hop music itself, PB PON rarely accommodates.

“Tong (we) can see from several events for PON XX of Papua, a singer from outside Papua as a guest star,” said Epo, his nickname, to goodmorningpapua.com, Saturday (28/8/2021) in Jayapura.

Epo said, so many Hip-Hop children in Papua have high ratings. However, they have rarely a place in the Rood to PON XX Papua event.

It is said, he has ever just appeared only twice and more generally there should be attention for Hip-Hop singers who have original works.

“Ade-Ade who have ratings and have appeared on national TV need to be engaged in to enliven and promote PON XX in Papua,” he said.

Epo added that the involvement of PB PON in taking into account the creativity of young people in Papua is very minimal.

“PB PON should see comprehensively, don’t only respon them who have been well-known, PB PON must have sensitivity to see the creative economy of young people in Papua,” he concluded.

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He hopes that when large events are held, not only PON and Peparnas, even the national-scale events in Papua, the committee (committee) must be more creative.

“Many references, lots of space for sharing, it’s just a matter of how to open yourself up,” he said.

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