Ecology-Based Fiscal Incentives Supports Papua Land Development – Ecological-based fiscal incentives are applied in Tanah Papua to improve the community’s economy while maintaining environmental sustainability.

The fiscal incentive program consists of the Ecology-Based National Budget Transfer (TANE), the Ecology-Based Provincial Budget Transfer (TAPE), and the Ecology-Based Regency Budget Transfer (TAKE).

TANE’s fiscal transfer scheme comes from regional incentive funds and environmental protection, while TAPE comes from provincial financial assistance.

For TAKE, the incentive funds come from district financial assistance related to village fund allocations. Currently, TAPE and TAKE have been implemented well in Tanah Papua, while TANE is still not implemented.

The flow of TAPE and TAKE begins with monitoring and evaluation, drafting the concept of ecological-based fiscal transfer, coordinating at the regional level, then establishing institutions and implementing them. Jayapura district is one of the districts that has successfully implemented TAKE.

The benefits of TAKE for the district include the fulfillment of basic services, reducing village poverty, improving the community’s economy, and maintaining the environment.

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