Draft of the Social Conflict Handling Becomes a Priority Program of Nabire DPRD Bapemperda

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Chairman of the Regional Regulation Formation Agency (Bapemperda) of DPRD of Nabire, Sambena Inggeruhi, said that the draft for handling social conflicts proposed by the Papua DPR through Jhon NR Gobai has been designated as Bapemperda’s priority program.

“We have discussed it in the House, so this is a priority program for the Nabire DPRD this year,” said Sambena.

In his opinion, after studying and juxtaposing with Nabire as a heterogeneous area, as well as frequent social conflicts, it was deemed necessary to follow up.

So that after being determined, his party will discuss it internally in the House, then hold discussions with parties, both the TNI and Polri, the prosecutor’s office and traditional leaders to receive suggestions and input.

This was done, so that later it was determined in the plenary meeting of the Nabire DPRD.

“We will also discuss it with related parties. Because there are many social conflicts in Nabire, for example customary rights, and so on. so that it is established as a regional regulation, “he said.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of the Wate sub-tribe, Oyehe village, Kurios B Duwiri, appreciated the steps taken by the Nabire DPRD.

However, Duwiri also requested that the Nabire DPRD also pay attention to and present local regulations protecting habitats and rare animals such as turtles and several other protected animals.

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“I appreciate the response related to regulations for social conflict. But if possible, don’t ignore the local regulation on animal protection, because this is for future of  our children and grandchildren, “said Duwiri.

Previously, a member of the Papuan DPR, Jhon NR Gobai, said that he had conveyed his main thoughts and suggestions to the Nabire DPRD by submitting a sample draft of the regulation to be followed up, so that there was a regional regulation.

This is because regional regulations can be proposed through the Regent’s regulations or by regional regulations (Perda). For example, it is possible that the Perbub appears and then it is followed up with a regional regulation.

“I submitted the draft to the Nabire DPRD, because there is a potential for conflict. For example, like Nabire in dealing with this PSU, it is very big, ”he said.

Gobai explained, conflict handling is a series of activities carried out systematically and planned in situations and events. Either before, during, or after the conflict occurred. This includes conflict prevention, conflict cessation and post-conflict recovery.

Meanwhile, a good conflict handling mechanism is through dialogue between Papuans and Papuans as well as with non-Papuans from various elements.

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