Dein Waromi Invites Bureaucrats and Jayapura People to Conduct an Action to Take Care of Cleanliness – Ahead of the Papua National Sports Week (PON XX) in October 2021, the Employment Supervisor for the Environment of Papua Province, Dein Mark Waromi (55), said that the cleanliness of the City of Jayapura must be shown through concrete actions from the community and the government.

The woman who is familiarly called Dein said that the city’s current problem is garbage, so she hopes that the government can solve it, before PON XX of Papua be implemented.

“Our main concern is actually the cleanliness of the city. How do guests come from various regions in Indonesia entering our house, butsee a lot of garbage,” he said, Saturday (31/7/2021).

He said that he had conducted a survey of the cleanliness of the city from Sentani to Jayapura, but the garbage still exists.

“This city will host the PON XX, from Sentani to Jayapura you can still see garbage everywhere,” he said.

In addition, he questioned the readiness of PON XX, from the garbage that was on every side of the city’s roads.

“We are preparing the building, but we don’t see the cleanliness. There are only a few months left for the PON event to be held. Don’t give the impression that we are not ready to hold this event,” said the woman from Serui City.

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He also added that the funds for PON XX are not small. Of course, it can help to overcome the waste problem in Jayapura City.

“A lot of money but unfortunately not paying attention to small things like this,” he replied.

For this reason, he hopes that the government can carry out cleaning movements with the community.

“Invite the community and make a special counselling related to this matter. Because sometimes regulations have been given, but there is less attention,” he added.

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