Dave Laksono: There are Regional Officials with the Potential to Routinely Defray KKB of Papua

goodmorningpapua.com –  The Armed Criminal Group (KKB) remains to do heinous acts in Papua. The most recently, they mudered health workers (nakes) and set fire to public facilities. The new information tells that there are local government officials in Papua who deliberately defray these cirminal group.

This information was revealed by Member of Commission I of the Indonesian House, Dave Laksono. According to this Golkar politician, the regional officials in Papua provided money and weapons so they could conduct their actions. So, this should be concerned.

“There are also reports discussed in a comission that many high-level I and II officials who financed these terrorist movements,” said Dave at the DPR Building, Jakarta, Thursday (23/9).

Dave also said that the regional officials in Papua not only provided money, logistics and weapons, but even sought coach for KBB personnel to carry out attacks and damage to public facilities and social facilities.

The chairman of the Golkar Party DPP said that the  local officials’ reason for financing the KKB was so that their policies would not be disturbed by these radical groups.

“So with various interests, the goal is that they do not disturb with all policies or affairs of regional leaders,” he said.

Therefore, the Agung Laksono’s son asked the State Intelligence Agency (BIN), the Police and the TNI to monitor and collect data and evidence of the alleged involvement of the regional officials. For him, if evidence is found, it must be processed legally.

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“So that it can be processed legally soon, so those who are proven to be involved can be immediately processed,” he concluded.

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