Customers Reach 102,849 in Bumi Cenderawasih, PLN Mobile Continues to be Introduced – As a customer-focused company, PLN continues to innovate and strive to improve the quality of services provided. One of them is the presence of PLN Mobile which has been used by 102,849 customers in Papua and West Papua so far.

The application, which was introduced in 2020, has undergone several improvements such as the addition of a more complete service menu. Presently customers can enjoy PLN services through PLN Mobile, including payment of electricity bills, purchase of tokens, new installation and additional power services, independent meter recording (SwaCAM) and many other features.

General Manager of PLN Main Unit for Papua and West Papua Region, Abdul Farid said that his party is still continuing to introduce PLN Mobile to customers in Papua and West Papua. “Currently, there are 102,849 users in Papua and West Papua who have used this application or around 13.79% of our total 745,653 customers,” he said.

Farid added that PLN Mobile is one of the facilities provided by PLN to customers. “With PLN Mobile, it will be easier for customers to get PLN services without the need to come to our office. This is very helpful for customers located far from our nearest office, or who have busy schedules and limited time,” he said.

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To increase awareness regarding PLN Mobile, PLN also continues to carry out socialization to the public. This activity is carried out in all Customer Service Implementation Units (UP3) in the Papua and West Papua regions. “Eight UP3 have done this socialization. We work closely with universities, local governments and other agencies. Hopefully, customers who don’t know can be enlightened and customers who may have used PLN Mobile can better understand what services can be done through this application,” concluded Farid.

In addition to the introduction to PLN Mobile, in the socialization, PLN also delivered education related to electricity to customers. “Electricity has now become a primary need in society. We as a provider of electricity certainly strive to ensure that the electricity supply for customers can continue to be reliable. However, we need the support of the entire community to jointly maintain the existing electricity facilities so that electricity remains safe and can be utilized optimally,” explained Farid.

PLN Mobile is a solution to make it easier for customers to get PLN services. “With the socialization that we continue to do, we hope that customers can maximize the PLN Mobile application that we have provided. Come on! immediately download and use this application to get PLN services to make it easier,” he concluded.

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