Culture of Tolerance a la Fakfak of Papua: One Furnace, Three Stones – Indonesia is well-known as a high tolerance nation. Diverse but remains to unite. This value of tolerance can be found in the culture of the tribes from Sabang to Merauke. One of them is the tolerance value in the type of One Furnace, Three Stones in Fakfak Regency, West Papua.

A researcher from the Papuan Archeology Center, Haru Suroto (2020), said that there are three religions in Fakfak, namely Islam, Catholic, and Protestant Christianity, which are considered family religions. So that the slogan “One Furnace, Three Stones, One Soul, One Sib” comes into existence to strengthen harmony between people.

One Furnace, Three Stones means three important positions in ethnic diversity and kinship in Fakfak. One Furnace, Three Stones means that the stove is composed of three stones of the same size. These three stones, placed in a circle at the same distance, are a balance in their position to support the clay pot. The three-legged stove requires absolute balance.  If one of the three is out of order, the stove cannot be used to be a cooker.

The diversity of the Fakfak people remains to regardthemselves as coming from one family of relatives, one ancestor long before the three religions developed in Fakfak. It is also common in Fakfak that persons in one family divided into three different religions.

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One proof of religious tolerance in Fakfak is the Patimburak Mosque in Patimburak Village, Kokas District, Fakfak Regency, West Papua. Patimburak Mosque was built by King Pertuanan Wertuar in 1870, the architecture of this mosque is very unique because there is a composite of mosque and church forms.

This Muslim house of worship is a manifestation of the value of One Furnace, Three Stones which was built in mutual cooperation by the people of Pertuanan Wertuar who either adhered Islam or Christianity or Protestantism or Catholicism. When viewed from a distance, the mosque looks like a church. The dome is similar to the architecture of churches in Europe.

In 1870, Islam, Protestant Christianity, Catholic had become three religions that coexisted in Pertuanan Wertuar. The meaning of religion in the philosophical concept of one stove and three stones is that the three stones symbolize three religions that are equally strong and become a balanced unity to support relatives life.

The people of Fakfak never to be affected by issues or disputes related to religion. The religious tolerance in Fakfak is very strong and is still maintained by the community and deserves to be modeled, as a form of diversity and plurality in Indonesia.

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