Coworking Space Wico Presents in Papua as a Community Digital Facility – Coworking Space has become a new alternative that is quite attractive, especially for students, freelancers, to business start-up owners or workers who need a place to work outside the home.

Coworking space is a workspace with the concept of sharing and has mushroomed in various big cities in Indonesia due to high-speed internet services.

Realizing this, IndiHome, the leading fixed broadband service owned by PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero), Tbk (Telkom), which since several years ago has contributed to optimizing the digital world through the provision of corner services for the Papuan people.

Now, we have taken the initiative to develop a coworking space in the Telkom corner area, especially in Abepura.

Agus Yudha Basuki as Executive Vice President of Telkom Regional VII explained, Telkom continues to be committed to developing its services so that customers get the best experience, including by providing a place to express ideas and creativity in learning and working with the coworking space concept at the corner of Telkom Abepura.

“The Coworking Space Abepura is one of Telkom’s programs that aims to support the development of the digital ecosystem in the Abepura community, especially through a comfortable work and study atmosphere equipped with good Internet facilities,” Agus explained when opening the soft launching of the Wico Abepura Coworking Space in Telkom Regional Office Abepura, Wednesday (12/1/2022).

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Meanwhile, Sugeng Widodo as General Manager of PT Telkom Witel Papua hopes that the presence of the Coworking Space in Abepura can hopefully be good news for all people in Abepura, especially for millennials.

“The people here, especially the millennials, are very happy and proud of this Coworking Space in Abepura. We are very enthusiastic to be able to work and study in a comfortable space supported by high-speed Internet,” said Sugeng.

Sugeng explained that Telkom’s support through a Coworking Space is highly expected for the Abepura community who need reliable and fast internet facilities to surf the virtual world easily and comfortably.

Charles Aronggear as a Head of the Regional Office of Telkom Abepura said, the  Coworking Space Wico Abepura is equipped with 29 chairs and tables, each table has a power cable available with 100Mbps internet speed.

Consisting of two floors, the  Coworking Space Wico Abepura is also equipped with a cafe and a VIP room with a limited capacity located on the first floor.

Regarding operations, Charles said, it is open Monday to Saturday at 08.00 to 22.00 WIT, except for Sunday operations it is opened at 12.00 WIT.

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