Covid-19 Vaccination Strategic Agenda for Children in Papua – The Papua Provincial Health Office issued a letter numbered 440/565/P2P/2021, on the COVID-19 vaccination.

In a letter signed by a Head of the Papua Provincial Health Office, Robby Kayame, it contains 6 points related to the implementation of COVID-19 vaccination in Papua, one of which is for child vaccination.

The letter explained that vaccination of children 6-11 years old in Papua could be conducted with the consideration that Papua would carry out MR (Measles Rubella) immunization for children with age of 9 months to 12 years in March and April 2022.

In the letter, it was written that children were vaccinated in Papua at the request of their parents, accompanied by their parents and passed the screening and not by coercion.

While the technical implementation of vaccination for children 6-11 years old refers to the Decree of the Minister of Health number HK.01.07/MENKES/6688/2021 which is set on December 13, 2021.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Jayapura, Benhur Tomi Mano, said that vaccination for children 6-11 years old would begin.

Currently, the vaccination coverage in Jayapura City reaches 77 percent at dose 1 and the second vaccination reaches 55.6 percent.

“We are grateful for the increasing vaccination coverage in Jayapura City. In the near future, children with age of 6-11 years old will be able to receive vaccinations provided that they are accompanied by their parents and pass the screening,” said Benhur.

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Benhur explained that Jayapura City has a COVID-19 green zoan status, because since December 21 no new cases of COVID-19 have been found.

Even so, the local government asked residents to continue to follow the Health protocol to anticipate the spread of new variants of Omicron, including tightening human crossings at the Jayapura Port.

“To anticipate Omicron’s COVID-19, we will tighten the port routes. Passengers who disembark at Jayapura Port must show complete vaccines and negative rapid antigens,” he said.

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