Christmas Gift, Paparu Yapen Residents Enjoy 24 Hours of Electricity – The Yapen Islands Regional Government continues to strive for equitable development in its territory, including the availability of electricity in isolated areas.

As felt by the residents of Paparu Village, East Yapen District currently has enjoyed 24 hours of electricity. This was revealed by the Regent of Yapen Islands Tonny Tesar when celebrating Christmas with the residents of 5 villages in the East Yapen District.

According to Tonny Tesar, 24-hour electricity service is a new Christmas gift for Paparu Village residents. “This is a Christmas gift for them, they look happy, as long as the house in Paparu and its surroundings is brightly lit, they can turn on the Christmas tree decorations without using a generator again,” said Tonny Tesar.

Tonny Tesar invites the community to continue to strengthen the ties of brotherhood and not to be easily provoked by irresponsible parties whose aim is to divide harmony.

“Don’t be easily swayed by the incitement to divide the harmony and disturb the peace of the people. The development has appeared, we must be grateful for it,” said Tonny Tesar.

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