Children with Age of 6-11 years in Papua begin to be Vaccinated – The Indonesian Air Force Base of Silas Papare began to hold the first dose of COVID-19 vaccination with Sinovac vaccine for children being aged 6-11 years in Jayapura, Papua. The vaccination was carried out at the Level IV Hospital of Silas Papare Air Base, Wednesday, January 5, 2022.

The implementation of vaccines for children refers to government regulations. The first vaccination for children and it must be accompanied directly by the parents of each child.

The commander of the Silas Papare Air Force Base Marsma TNI Budhi Achmadi explained that this vaccination was conducted by implementing strict health protocols and carried out within a few days so that there was no crowd or mass concentration.

“This activity is carried out as an effort to support the government in accelerating vaccination for all Indonesian people,” said Danlanud Silas Papare Marsma TNI Budhi Achmadi. Furthermore, Danlanud added, this vaccination activity is expected to achieve the target. Besides being provided to the children of the families of Indonesian Air Force personnel serving at the Silas Papare Air Base, it is also open to the surrounding community.

“It is hoped that community immunity or herd immunity can be formed as the more people getting vaccinated so that it can help break the spread of COVID-19, which has not ended until now,” said Danlanud.

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