Celebrating Harkesal, a Mass Circumcision for 100 Children in Manokwari

goodmorningpapua.com – A total of 100 children participated in mass circumcision for celebrating of the Navy Health Day or Harkesal which was held at the Dr Azhar Zahir Navy Hospital, Manokwari, Sunday, October 10, 2021.

Karumkital dr Azhar Zahir Manokwari, Marine Major (K) dr R Prabowo Herbanu said this mass circumcision was intended for the sons of members of Fasharkan Manokwari and the general public.

“This mass circumcision is only told from person to person to limit patients, (but) the public’s interest is very high, (we) continue to carry out health protocols, so it is limited to 100 patients,” Herbanu told reporters behind Rumkital Manokwari, Sunday.

This mass circumcision with medical standards and a high level of safety, thus minimizing the occurrence of complications. It will also monitor the development of children after undergoing mass circumcision.

“After the circumcision will be given medicine and it is recommended to return to Rumkital, on Tuesday, October 12, 2021 to check up again so that the progress can be known,” he explained.

In addition to mass circumcision, the Indonesian Navy also held a vaccination program launched by President Joko Widodo. “Currently, 60 percent of people have been vaccinated in Manokwari,” he said.

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