Carrying Out an Education Mission, a Mobile Library of EduXtion Presents in West Papua – Promoting the mission of education for children from Sabang to Merauke, EduXtion: a Mobile Library has come up for the first time in Manokwari, West Papua.

As the name suggests, the EduXtion car brings books and reading materials, as well as a laptop device as a learning tool. EduXtion travelled around Manokwari on 27 – 29 June 2022 at several locations, namely Pasir Putih Beach, Pujasera and Borasi Field.

Previously, a pre-activity was held in the grounds of the Church of St. Thomas Aquinas, Manokwari on Sunday morning, June 26, 2022. Local residents are free to just stop by and read, while the children look curious playing laptops in front of them.

Not only that, the EduXtion Mobile Library collaborated with the Reading House Community to hold joint study sessions. The presence of EduXtion offers a fun outdoor learning experience for children. Various themes of the learning sessions started from encyclopedias of marine life, storytelling, to discussing ideals.

For presence of Komunitas 3 Jalur with dance, rap, and skateboarding actions, it will be an entertainment spectacle as well as closing the learning session of EduXtion: Mobile Library on the third day, 29 June 2022.

EduXtion: The West Papua Mobile Library is the first step to fight for an educational mission for Indonesian children that is not only telling stories, but is able to invite local children to speak up and tell stories about 1001 local stories.

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