Boaz Solossa, Optimistically Providing Achievement to Borneo FC – A Papuan football superstar, Boaz Solossa, has finally officially joined the Borneo FC club. Boaz has been introduced as the new star of Borneo FC through the club’s official YouTube video, Pesut Etam.

In a press conference on Saturday, Boaz said he did not set grandiose targets. However, he is confident that he can give the best for Borneo FC, one of the teams participating in the Liga 1 competition 2021.

Boaz admitted that he did not feel burdened by his great name. The striker born in Sorong, West Papua, said that teamwork would allow him to give his best. “I am still optimistic that I can perform brilliantly at Borneo FC,” he said.

Meanwhile, a Borneo FC’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Ponaryo Astaman said the recruitment of Boaz was a surprise. Ponaryo, who is also a former colleague of Boaz in the Indonesian national team, has high expectation for Persipura’s all-time top scorer.

“This is actually a surprise for management, because at the beginning it was completely unthinkable that this moment would happen. There was an opportunity and we tried to take advantage of it, and was well responded by Boaz Solossa. The contract signature has been done. Hopefully Boaz can give his best and Borneo can achieve”, said Ponaryo.

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