Being Proud, a Papuan Son Graduating from Petrotekno Gets Contracted to Work in Brunei – A total of 19 alumni of the Bintuni Bay Industrial and Oil and Gas Engineering Training Center (P2TIM), West Papua left for Brunei Darussalam, Tuesday, November 23. Most of them are Native Papuan People (Orang Asli Papua/OAP) contracted by Massutera Engineering SDN Bhd.

As stated by a Director of Petrotekno Hendra Pribadi, this is proof that the training provided so far has paid off. OAP only needs to have the opportunity to be able to compete at various levels including international one.

Hendra continued that getting to success is not something that just happens, but it fully require a process. All need time, energy, and support from all parties. Petrotekno itself is a company that collaborates with the Teluk Bintuni Regency Government to manage P2TIM.

The government of Teluk Bintuni Regency and West Papua Province are indeed committed to catch up with human resource development in West Papua by presenting P2TIM.

“The investment issued by the local government to present a human resource development program in Teluk Bintuni Regency, which is accredited nationally or internationally, is not small. Today we are witnessing real evidence of the results of these investments where Papuans can participate in building the world,” he continued.

In this way, he said, Papuans could get better welfare from time to time. For him, those who are contracted have pipe fitter expertise, which is one of the six disciplines held at P2TIM.

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Another alumnus named Arnol Onan C. Wanma continued that he never dreamed of working abroad. “Let alone dream of going abroad, being able to get out of Papua only, we never hope it. But after graduating from P2TIM it is a new motivation and hope for us, “he continued.

Meanwhile, Muh. Yusuf Amin, who was born in Papua, explained that in the country of Petro Dollars they will be paid in the range of 30-45 Brunei dollars per day. This is equivalent to Rp. 300-450 thousand per day. Now they are in Jakarta for the next trip to Brunei.

P2TIM is a Regional Integrated Service Unit (UPTD) under the Department of Industry, Trade and Cooperatives, Teluk Bintuni Regency. The Training Center, which prioritizes human resource development programs, is a collaborative program between the Teluk Bintuni Regency Government and Petrotekno.

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