Behind the Splendor of the 76th Indonesian Independence Day, Papuans are Busy for Decorating the Village – The majority of people in Papua seemed enthusiastic about celebrating the 76th Indonesian Independence Day. In addition to raise the red and white flag, they also decorate their respective villages with billboards, backdrops and the red and white themed banners.

In Kerom, Papua, people paint the gate with red and white. With a gate that is almost 5 meters high, a number of people painted it.

In Nabire, people flocked to set up a red and white flag in the city center. By providing poles from bamboo, dozens of poles stand along the center of Nabire town.

Meanwhile in the Village of Sota Merauke, the activities seem simpler. In mutual cooperation, people set up flagpoles in a number of village locations.

“The 76th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia. Independent. Independent.,” said the traditional chairman of Sota Village, Daud Djimar, Sunday (15/8/2021).

It’s different in Kaimana. Residents seemed excited to set the flag on the monument in the downtown area. The flag is set up right above the monument with a height of 3 meters.

“From the eastern horizon of the archipelago, Kaimana says happy the 76th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia,” said Ali, one of Orari Kaimana’s officers.

Previously, Papuan children were also busy raising the red and white flag in their respective villages. Among them are Ayamaru, Fak Fak, Bintang Mountains, Sorong, Puncak Jaya, Manokwari, Intan Jaya, Nabire, Keerom, Ilaga, Jayapura and other areas in Papua and West Papua.

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