Be Patient, Please! The Flight has Difficult to Enter the Inland, Papuan Coffee Stock Gets Minimal – Papuan coffee is hard to find. The reason is that currently there is not much air transportation entering the interior.

The Bintang Mountains Regency is mostly mountainous, directly adjacent to the Papua New Guinea highlands.

People live on steep mountain slopes and small valleys, scattered and isolated. The Bintang Mountains can only be accessed by air, so air transportation is very helpful for local people’s lives.

Commercial airlines in the Bintang Mountains Regency are Trigana Air and Wings Air that use ATR type aircraft, while aircraft that can be rented or pioneer flights use small-bodied aircraft of Twin Otter, Cessna, Pilatus, Cassa types, namely Enggang Air, Susi Air, SAS, Smart Air, Dimonim Air and for service to the community, namely the AMA aircraft.

Commercial flights using ATR aircraft via Oksibil Airport are located in the capital city of the Bintang Mountains Regency, while inter-district flights use Twin Otter aircraft. These flights are subject to frequent foggy weather conditions and the local district security situation.

The Bintang Mountains are famous for producing the best Arabica coffee in the mountains of Papua. This kind of coffee is Arabica typica. It is organically grown by relying on the goodness of nature. This coffee is typical of berry, orange, peach or apricot flavors.

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The Arabica typica coffee trees are generally larger with fewer fruits. Typica is the oldest Arabica coffee variety.

This Arabica typica coffee tree is grown organically in Okbibab District, Okbab District, and Kiwirok District at an altitude of about 1900 to 2000 meters above sea level.

Cold temperatures around 15 degrees Celsius, fertile soil, and less fruit make the nutrients stored in Arabica typica coffee beans higher and the taste becomes better.

Arabica typica coffee in the Bintang Mountains, grown in organic gardens, the coffee berries are peeled by hand for producing an optimal quality.

Mountain Bintang arabica coffee was sent to Sentani, Jayapura using a small plane. This delivery depends on weather conditions and local security conditions.

Currently, the supply of Bintang Mountain Arabica coffee in Jayapura City is running low due to a lack of supply. This is because pioneering airlines have not the courage to serve flights to the interior of the Bintang Mountains since they are still waiting for a conducive security situation so that the pioneer airport is safe for landing.

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