Bapok Stock in the Manokwari Bulog Warehouse for an Approaching Christmas is Sufficient – A Warehouse [Bulog] of Manokwari ensures that the basic commodities (Bapok] stock, especially rice, flour, cooking oil and sugar is sufficient until the end of 2021.

A Head of Bulog Manokwari, Firman Mando, explained that the rice stock in the storage warehouse of Manokwari is sufficient for the next 3 months or until February 2022.

“To anticipate the surge of demand on Christmas and New Year for the medium and premium rice commodities, the Manokwari warehouse has 125 tons of stock, then 82 tons of sugar, 30 tons of flour and 17 liters of cooking oil,” he explained.

Firman said, usually ahead of Christmas and New Year, the Manokwari Regency Government and the West Papua Provincial Government through the Industry and Cooperatives Service would hold a cheap market. “Bulog will take part in suppressing the price rising in the market and we will provide cheaper and affordable prices for the public,” said Head of Bulog, Manokwari.

The delivery of rice to Bulog Manokwari so far has not experienced any problems and is usually sent from 3 regions, namely East Java, South Sulawesi and Merauke.

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