Ayamaru Lake, a Hidden Paradise of the Black Pearl

goodmorningpapua.com-Besides being famous for its Raja Ampat, Papua also still has other hidden paradises that have not been touched by people. One of them is Ayamaru Lake, a beautiful lake located in Maybrat Regency, West Papua.

His name may still be strange in sound to the ear. How come? Its hidden location makes this beautiful lake also quiet from visitors.

In fact, the lake water with gradation colours of green to light blue, which is clear and free of garbage is ready to spoil tourists. What’s more, coupled with the shady, quiet and beautiful natural atmosphere, it is so good to miss it.

This 980-hectare lake is apparently an ancestral heritage for the Maybrat tribe. Local people believe that the spirits of their ancestors inhabit Lake Ayamaru.

All residents are very concerned about the preservation of the lake by not cutting down trees around it. According to belief, cutting down a tree is tantamount to shaving the hair and shaving the fur of the ancestors.

Located right in the middle of the ‘bird’s head’ of the Papua Island, besides having a beautiful landscape, apparently several types of fish also inhabit Lake Ayamaru. There are fish with high economic value that can be sold or consumed.

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Its location, which is adjacent to Australian territory, makes this lake with a depth of 6 meters functioned as a stop spot for birds that migrate from Australia, especially during the dry season. In the same season, the water tends to shrink and you can see fish watching backward and forward.

Whoever coming can do various activities here, such as swimming, traveling around the lake by boat, seeing fishermen catching fish by using spears, as well as hunting for beautiful photos. 

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