An Inspiring Young Community Projects that Robot Technology in Papua in the Next 10 Years – Technology of Robot will develop in Papua in the next ten years. This belief was conveyed by the Co-founder of the Inspiring Young Papua community, Yoshua Gombo. He is currently doing postgraduate studies majoring in Robotics Engineering in the United States.

Yoshua said, from human resources, there are currently many Papuan students pursuing a higher education in the field of science and technology abroad, like the United States. This, said Yoshua, is good because the development of these fields is still limited in Indonesia, especially Papua.

“I am getting confident enough that in at least 10 years I will start seeing the development of robotics technology like this in Papua because technology is really developing,” he said in the Papua Talent Management (MTP) podcast moderated by Assistant Special Staff to the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Jouhannes Faidiban, Friday 29 October 2021. .

The Papuan Talent Management is a part of the National Talent Management program launched by President Joko Widodo. A Papuan Talent Management is also part of the Inspiring Young Papua community which is currently developing the Papua Youth Creative Hub.

As has grown in some other areas in Indonesia, Yoshua gets optimistic that there will be many people who beguns in pioneering businesses in the technology sector in Papua. “We can think about what we can do in the future. It is over here we basically prepare ourselves to be able to compete with other countries and compete globally in technology,” said the young man born in Wamena.

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In addition to conduct academic obligations, Joshua also built Honai Technology, an application development startup, e-commerce, to a smart plantation system. He collaborated with three other Indonesian students, namely Richard Mahuze, Pascal Sapari, and Sherina Msen.

Currently, Yoshua is undertaking a postgraduate study in Robotics Engineering at Washington State University, Seattle, United States. In the midst of the challenges and difficulties during his time as a student in the US, he admitted that he still has the motivation to develop Papua when he afterwards completes his studies.

This motivation, according to Yoshua, has been embedded in most other Papuan students. “We have to go back and build our land to develop Papua and that’s another motivation we have as Papuan children,” he said.

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