An Administrative Success to be the Target of the Papernas XVI of Papua – An administrative success is the target of the mission for the success of the National Paralympic Week (Peparnas) XVI 2021 in Cenderawasih Earth, Papua.

This affirmation was conveyed by Deputy Chair II of the Papua National Peparnas Committee (PB) Hans Hamadi when delivering a material at the Workshop of Journalists and Media Coverage for Papua XVI in Sentani City, Jayapura Regency, Thursday (1/7/2021).

“The success of this administration is important for us, so that in the future there will be no problems occuring after the implementation of the Papua National Park,” explained Hans.

The disability sports event, which will take place on November 2-15, 2021, is not only an administrative success, Hans said, but the success of the organizers, achievements and the economy are also an important part.

“After PON, there is Peparnas, so that in Peparnas we involve all parties such as the prosecutor’s office, police, BPK, and other parties to avoid problems. The success of the administration is the target of the successful mission of Peparnas, because we are very careful about it, the administration is number one,” he hoped.

Therefore, Hans hopes that the role of the media can also help the success of Peparnas both in the preparation and readiness of PB Peparnas.

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Meanwhile, a representative from the Papuan Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI) who is also a senior journalist, Abdul Munib hopes that PB Peparnas can involve all media and journalists in Papua, so that Peparnas’ success is widely felt and echoed through the role of the media.

“I hope that PB Peparnas can give priority to press friends who are here, who have built their press companies, including journalists who are really competent,” he said.

“Everyone who has company administration is involved since the success of Peparnas is due to the media in Papua. This is a proposal, but journalists must obey the journalistic code of ethics when reporting, especially since this is different from writing like PON,” he concluded.

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