An Acting Governor of West Papua: Talking the Real, Doing the Wandering about [Blusukan] to Shopping for Problems in the Community – An Acting (Pj) Governor of West Papua, Drs. Paulus Waterpauw, M.Si will aggressively do the wandering about or “blusukan”  to gather problems in the community.

This is conducted to find solutions to problems occuring in the community of West Papua. He also continues to cooperate with groups that reject him as acting governor.

“Brothers in West Papua know that we have to come and sit with the people,” he explained, while holding a thanksgiving service for his inauguration at his residence in Jakarta recently.

He also persuades all parties to share the goodness in all things.

“Provide something good. For example, knowledge, experience, tutors. We invite all people, especially young people. Don’t just demand, try to work, try to work, do a business and share it with others,” he said.

He hopes that young people in West Papua and elsewhere are more creative and work even harder.

“Those who have expertise, experience and good education, share the good. Don’t share bad things. If something is good, say it is good. Don’t say he’s not good,” he said.

Upon arrival in West Papua, Paulus will immediately develop a program that favors the community. He made sure to sit down together, develop a program for the short, medium and long term.

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“It must be remembered, the acting governor is in charge of preparing everything for the 2024 election. Let’s sit down together for government programs. No shindig. Jare wong ora apik, meneng wae, kerjo wae (don’t take fuss, people say it’s not good, just be silent and work),” he said.

The plan is that the Acting governor will arrive in Manokwari on Friday this week.

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