Albert Kabiyai Has Been Assigned the Head of the Saireri Indigenous Youth for Region II – Albert Kabiyai, a young man from Napan Village, Napan District, Nabire Regency, Papua has been assigned the head of the Saireri Indigenous Youth for Region II. The appointment was carried out by the Nabire Territory Indigenous Peoples Institution, the Nabire Regency Customary Council, and the Nabire Papua Customary Council in Waharia Village, Teluk Kimi District, Nabire, Friday (6/8/2021).

The appointment was also attended by six tribal chiefs from the coast of Nabire and the islands, as well as four harmony in the Saireri Indigenous Territory. The leader of the Nabire Indigenous Peoples Institute, Socrates Sayori, the appointment of Albert Kabiyai as a Chairman of the Indigenous Youth of the Saireri for Region II, aims to make the local indigenous peoples legitimate representatives in the Yan P Yarangga management version of the Papuan Customary Council Congress which will take place in Kaimana in October.

“This is for the sake of the Saireri youth ahead of the [Papuan Customary Council] Congress. After the coronation, Albert was also given the title ‘Amav Eso’ or ‘a Mighty eagle’, [derived from the Napan language],” said Socrates after the inauguration.

In his opinion, the coronation has also provided the title and traditional symbol for Albert Kabiyai. Socrates stated that this needs to be done so that there is youth representation in the Saireri indigenous people’s delegation at the upcoming Papuan Customary Council (DAP) Congress.

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The choice was made after the Saireri indigenous people learned from experience how young people participated rarely in various indigenous movements over there. He believes that the implementation of Papua Special Autonomy (Otsus) Volume 2 requires the involvement of youth. “So we need to prepare for that, so that [when] Otsus [Papua] Volume 2 comes down, the youth will have been ready,” he said.

The chairman of the DAP for the Nabire region, Hermas Sayori, added that with the coronation, Albert Kabiyai would become a bridge to connect various parties, including the government and indigenous peoples, to fight for the interests of the Saireri indigenous people.

“Before the inauguration, it was discussed on August 2, 2021 yesterday. We hope that this forum will be useful for Saireri youth in the future,” said Hermas.

Albert Kabiyai said he would work according to the duties and responsibilities assigned by the traditional elders. He hopes that the youth will join hands to give the best and positive things to their indigenous people.

“I am ready to work, of course I need support from all parties, especially youths to fight to maintain their customs in the Saireri II Region,” he said.

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