Agus Fitriadi Gets Passionate to Win a Gold of Peparnas XVI for Papua – The  National Paralympic Week (Peparnas) XVI in Papua for Agus Fitriadi  to be the fourth. This wheelchair tennis player will be one of the mainstays of the host in the grand sporting celebration of the Indonesian disabled athlete.

Agus was brought in by the National Paralympic Committee (NPC) Papua along with his fellows of national wheelchair tennis athletes.

He has participated in a number of championships and has made several achievements at the national and international levels

“I have participated in Peparnas four times. I have also been called to strengthen the national team several times, starting from 2005, 2008, 2009, 2014, 2018. In 2005 I got 2 bronze medals, 2008 also 2 bronze medals, and 2009 got 2 bronzes and 1 silver, “said Agus, Wednesday (1 /9/21).

There are also quite a number of international championships participated in by fans of Roger Federrer and Rafael Nadal, including the Malaysia Open, Thailand Open, Taiwan Open, and Turkey Open.

“I won 1 second draw at the Taiwan Open and in the Turkey Open I was a semifinalist,” he explained.

Not only that, Agus is also one of the Indonesian wheelchair tennis players who has penetrated the 120 of the world ranking.

“One of my best achievements is that I was able to reach the world ranking of 120,” he said.

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Before joining the Papuan contingent, Agus had also strengthened three different contingents in the XVI Peparnas event. Among them, DKI Jakarta, East Kalimantan and Riau.

Currently, Agus and his colleagues are finalizing their preparations in Jayapura City after undergoing a training camp (TC) in Kelapa Gading, Jakarta.

“As an athlete, I am not a hypocrite, because joining Papua is more hopeful. As long as I’m an athlete, I like it more. At this point, we can say that our preparations are quite ready,” Agus said.

In the next evenbt of Peparnas XVI, Agus set a personal target. He wanted to reach the final round, even though he realized that West Java Province would be the hardest opponent.

“I want to get to the final at the National Tournament. The hardest opponent is West Java province,” he concluded.

A chairman of the National Paralympic Committee (NPC) Papua, H. Jaya Kusuma said for wheelchair tennis, NPC Papua brought in national athletes and coaches. This is done considering that the coaching of the sport has not been maximized due to the difficulty of finding athletes.

“In wheelchair tennis there are 9 or 10 athletes, dominated by national athletes, because the training is difficult, so it is difficult for us to find athletes,” he concluded.

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