Agenda for the Acceleration of Development of Papua Land – The Indonesian government prioritizes accelerating the development at the Land of Papua by means of two regulations that were passed in 2020. The two rules are contained in the Presidential Instruction (Inpres) No. 9/2020 concerning the Acceleration of Welfare Development in Papua and West Papua Provinces, as well as Presidential Decree (Keppres) No.20/2020 concerning the Integrated Coordination Team for the Acceleration of Welfare Development in Papua Province and West Papua Province.

In the regulation, there are five sectors that are accelerating development. These include improving the quality of human resources (HR), improving the economy, developing infrastructure, maintaining the quality of the environment, and reforming the bureaucratic sector. Of the five focuses, there are 7 priority programs as an effort to realize accelerated development.

These include eradicating poverty, improving the quality of education, improving health services, increasing labor competitiveness, empowering micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), realizing the target of sustainable development goals (SDGs), and accelerating infrastructure development. Meanwhile, the government continues to coordinate and follow up on Presidential Decree 20/2020 by forming an integrated coordination team.

The Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia serves as the Chair of the Steering Committee and the Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas as the Head of the Implementing Team.

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In addition, this team involves relevant ministries and institutions such as the Coordinating Ministry for Politics, Law and Security (Polhukam), Coordinating Ministry for the Economy, Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture (PMK), Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Home Affairs. , the Office of the Presidential Staff and the Provincial Governments of Papua and West Papua.

The task of this integrated coordination team is to direct and to formulate policies for the development of the Land of Papua, to carry out coordination, monitoring, and evaluation tasks, to solving strategic issues.

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