A Young Leader: Involve Papuan Youth to Boost National Economic Improvement

goodmorningpapua.com – A Papuan youth leader Steve Rick Elson Mara said that an effort were needed to encourage Papuan youth to be involved in national economic improvement programs. The goal is so that they have a sense of pride, since they can help the nation and state.

“Encouraging youth involvement in various activities so that they have a sense of pride that Papuan children can contribute in improving the national economy,” said Steve in a discussion entitled Optimizing Strategy for Papuan MSMEs in the Covid-19 Period on the Populis Indonesia TV Youtube Channel, Thursday, June 3, 2021.

One way that can be acted is by mentoring and coaching Papuan youths. In this case, the government and Papuan youth who have experience in the MSME sector can share their science and knowledge with other youths.

“We young people who have succeeded and already have MSMEs, we can do mentoring and coaching, as well as creating collaborative networks,” said Steve.

Supporting for involving the young generation of Papua was once expressed by the youth leader of Nduga, Samuel Tabuni. He considered that the government could embrace Papuan youth to contribute in the national development.

“Now if we don’t embrace young Papuan people, we don’t give them space to be involved in all national and provincial policies, Papua has no future,” said Samuel.

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