A Volunteer Team of Kenius Kogoya Builds the House of Papuan People’s Aspirations

The spirit and enthusiasm of the Papuan people from the 5 Papuan Indigenous regions as well as the Non-Papuan people who win the figure of Bp. Kenius Kogoya, S.P, M.Si to be the Deputy Governor of Papua in replacing the late. Mr. Clement Tinal, are very great. This Kenius Kogoy’as Militant Volunteer, led by Ketum Edmount Karuway and Secretary General Elisa Bouway, has autnomously and independently established the Papua People’s Aspiration House on Jln. Raya Jayapura-Sentani, Waena Kota Boundary, Jayapura as a meeting location for the Volunteers.

Kenius Kogoya’s Aspiration House was built in a very large location on the edge of Lake Sentani, and there is also a field for holding speeches.

Ketum Edmount Karuway also mentioned that the DPP of Militant Volunteer for Kenius Kogoya has formed 5 Regional Coordinators based on traditional territories and is currently preparing regional management in 29 regencies/cities in Papua Province.

Jayapura, stated the same thing that the figure of Kenius Kogoya, S.P., M.Si was very suitable to accompany Bp. Lukas Enembe as deputy governor of Papua. Experience Mr. Kenius Kogoya as SEKUM KONI in collaboration with Bp. Lukas Enembe Ketum KONI is a very fitting chemistry.

In addition, Namek Rex Lasol, a movement figure from South Papua also strongly agrees that the figure of Kenius Kogoya is the best Papuan Young Leader Figure, who is suitable to be the Deputy Governor of Papua until 2023 and also a candidate for the Governor of Papua in 2024. From the results of the FB Real Polling being made in 1 FB 1 vote, the most votes as of this writing were made by the Papuan people, they really wanted Kenius Kogoya to be able to replace Mr. Klemen Tinal as Deputy Governor of Papua. 

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