A Senior High Schools in the Papuan Mountains to Trial the SKS System

goodmorningpapua.com – One of the senior high schools in the central highlands of Papua is being prepared to examine the application of the semester credit unit system (SKS) in its learning. Not many schools in Papua have implemented this system.

“For the mountainous central region of Papua, the SKS program has just been implemented at SMA Negeri 1 Wamena. Yesterday we submitted a letter for the program,” said a Head of the Papua Province Education, Library and Regional Archives Service (DPPAD) Christian Sohilait, in Wamena, Friday. , June 25, 2021.

He explained, with the SKS system, the capable students of senior high school can accomplish high school education in just two or more years. Children who are very smart do not need to reach three years of high school.

“So if he takes it now and the credits support him, he can take the 2nd semester, and the 3rd semester,” he said.

The former Secretary of the Lanny Jaya Regency said that the trial had also been carried out in six schools in Jayapura City. “We will try one in Jayawijaya. Tomorrow we will try again in Biak and Merauke,” he said.

Christian said this system will help smart children to finish their education faster. That way, children who are already smart should not be forced to follow the others.

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“Whereas they have the intelligence, so they have to pass soon,” he said.

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