A Puncak Jaya Regent Expresses Astonishing and Appreciation for the Implementation of the Papuan TopSkor League

goodmorningpapua.com – Appreciation for the implementation of the 2022 Papuan TopSkor League came from the Puncak Jaya Regent, Yuni Wonda.

He conveyed it during a visit to the SSB Nafri Field, Saturday, January 15, 2022.

In the field where the 2022 Papuan Top Score League will be held, the Regent Yuni Wonda expressed his admiration for the plan to organize the most prestigious early age and youth competition in the country.

“As a regional head loving football, I appreciate the good intentions made by the organizers of the Papua TopSkor League. Because this competition is complete, there are various levels of age groups, starting with U-14,” said Regent Yuni Wonda.

“This is a good step to generate professional players in the future, both for Persipura Jayapura and Indonesia. Even at the international club level,” he said.

He continued that so far, if there was a national competition, both PSSI and Asprov PSSI Papua, it seemed difficult to get reliable young players. As a result they only take players from everywhere.

This happens because frequently the football administrators do not try to develop players from an early age.

In fact, if they want to work hard in organizing the training, the results can be enjoyed by them.

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“I’ve heard about the TopSkor League. Last year in Papua there was already a match, even though it was limited to the pre-league,” said Regent Yuni Wonda.

On the other hand, a Chief Executive of the 2022 Papua Top Score League, Guntur Lukas Tjoe, said the competition had been arranged with a match format and schedule complying the agenda of the Indonesian TopSkor League.

This means that it refers to the title of the national series for players born in 2004, 2006, and 2008.

“The U-14 Papuan Top Score League is ready to be held with 12 teams from Jayapura City and Jayapura Regency as participants. In accord with the schedule, it will start on January 29, 2022,” said Guntur Lukas Tjoe.

“But because of the consideration of the readiness of the participating teams, especially the legal aspect, such as legal entities or AD/ART which is the standard for the TopSkor League, some SSBs still have to prepare the administrative requirements,” he said.

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