A Papua Land Indigenous People Recognition for Sustainable Development

goodmorningpapua.com – The recognition of Papua Land indigenous people is believed to be one of the supporting factors for sustainable development. The Customary Territory Registration Agency (BRWA) believes that the clarity of information on indigenous people and their territories is important in the policy-making process in the preparation of regional development plans.

So far, they have attempted to collect profiles of indigenous peoples, to map out areas, and to submit proposals for recognition of customary territories. In addition, BRWA also provides assistance with the Department of Environment and Land to identify, verify, and assign indigenous people. Together with the Jayapura Regency Indigenous Peoples Task Force (GTMA), they also carried out mapping, registration, verification, and determination of indigenous peoples.

So far, efforts to recognize indigenous people in Papua and West Papua have spurred the releasing of Special Regional Regulations (Perdasus) which generally have an impact on the empowerment and maintenance of customary territories.

Several regions, such as Jayapura Regency in Papua and Tambrauw Regency and Bintuni Bay in West Papua also have indigenous people’s committees which are appointed through a Regent’s Decree (SK). The four customary areas in West Papua also already have the determination of indigenous peoples.

The hope is that the recognition and protection of indigenous people will provide legal certainty. This is because third parties will be clearer in establishing coordination regarding investment and development activities conducted in indigenous peoples’ territories

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